Bolt250 Part 1 - The Unboxing


I’m building a new miniquad, the Bolt250 from BoltRC. It’s a midpriced 250mm class racing quadcopter.

I went with the ARF kit rather than just getting the frame.

The Bolt250 comes with two different hardware versions, standard (30mm standoffs) and stealth (25mm standoffs). It also comes with the choice of 3mm or 4mm arm thickness, with clearance for either 5" or 6" props. I opted for the stealth hardware with 4mm/5" arms.

The frame pieces include:

  • Bottom, mid, and top plates.
  • 4 x arms.
  • Plastic LED rear mount.
  • Front and rear carbon fibre bumpers.
  • Small carbon fibre wall to fit between the camera bay area and the center of the frame.

Also included were:

  • D-SUN 3A switching voltage regulator.
  • Naze32.
  • Mini power distribution board.
  • Header pins for the Naze32.
  • HS1177 FPV Camera.
  • USB ESC programming link.
  • 4 x ZTW Spider Mini 18A OPTO ESCs.
  • 4 x Cobra 2204 2300KV motors.
  • 50mm right-angle VTX pigtail.
  • 2 x XT-60 male connectors.
  • 14 and 20 AWG silicone wire.
  • Plenty of heatshrink.
  • BoltRC battery strap.
  • Plenty of zip ties.
  • M3 double sided tape.
  • 8 x Gemfan 5030 props.
  • 5.8GHz LHCP 3-lobe antenna.
  • Fibre washers.
  • 25mm standoffs.
  • Lots of nuts and bolts.

The only problem that I can see so far is that the mounting bolts included with the motors are suited for 3mm arms instead of 4mm arms. They only engage one or two threads, and need to be about 1mm longer. Not a problem though, I picked up some different bolts from Jaycar.

I’m looking forward to building this thing!

© Peter Stace 2016